Our Company History

Step into a world where cinematic visions come to life and reach audiences worldwide. Since our inception, we've quickly established ourselves as a cornerstone for both new filmmakers and accomplished veterans. Here's how we got there.

January 1, 2023

Officially incorporated in Los Angeles, California, setting the stage for discovering untapped talent and distributing compelling stories globally.

February 2023

A month into our journey, we Invested in our first production, demonstrating our commitment to filmmakers and new movies.

March 2023

Not wasting any time, by March we had completed the negotiation and acquisition of our first motion picture title. This marked a pivotal moment for Io Pictures Corporation, solidifying our commitment to bring quality films to the market.

July 2023

The buzz grew louder as we hit 2,000 followers on đť•Ź. Social media has been instrumental in connecting us with fans and creators alike. Our digital presence serves as a testament to our reach and influence in the industry.

August 2023

A milestone we're immensely proud of—our first film became available on Amazon. Accessibility is key in today's market, and we're thrilled to have broken into a platform that puts our films right at the fingertips of viewers worldwide.